Food Establishment Inspections

Food establishment inspections are required to help ensure that food is being prepared, stored, and handled in a safe and sanitary manner for public consumption.

Food Establishments

Food establishments include:

  • Bed and breakfast operations
  • Catering businesses
  • Grocery stores
  • Restaurants, bars and taverns
  • School and summer camp cafeterias
  • Temporary food booths and mobile food units

Inspection Process

Inspectors observe the physical facilities of each establishment from many aspects, to help food establishments be successful and prevent the spread of food borne illnesses.

Inspectors work with food establishment owners, managers, and staff during inspections to provide education and advice on all food safety topics. In addition, they look for hazards that may compromise the health of the public. A few of these items include:

  • Functionality of equipment
  • Hand washing and glove use
  • Potential for cross contamination
  • Proper cooking temperatures
  • Proper cooling methods
  • Trained food workers

Our food establishment inspections can be found online.