Travel Vaccines

See your doctor when you start to plan your trip abroad. It is important to do this well in advance. Primary care clinics may not stock travel vaccines. Some vaccines, for example yellow fever vaccine, is available at a limited number of clinics. Northeast Tri County Health District does offer travel immunizations at our Colville location. District staff can also assist you with finding other clinics who provide travel vaccines. 


Plan ahead:

  • Begin travel medical preparation at least two months before your trip begins.
  • It may take several weeks to complete all the doses of the vaccine.  
  • Vaccines also require time for your immune system to mount a full response. 

Plan ahead! If you wait too long to schedule an appointment, you may not have enough time to complete your travel medical preparation and you may not be adequately protected by the time your trip begins. Some travelers have special needs to consider especially the elderly, pregnant women, very young children, travelers with medical problems or travelers taking certain medications. A clinic consultation may be necessary for these travelers. Information provided online or over the telephone may not specifically apply to your health situation or travel plans. 

For more information please call, 509-684-2262 opt. 1.

Remember to bring your immunization records with you to the clinic for review.